Patient Satisfaction

Your experience at Better Life Medical Weight Loss™ is important.

At Better Life Medical Weight Loss™, we are working to provide the best possible clinical experience for our patients. Your opinion is very important and will help us to improve our ability to serve you. Please take a few minutes to tell us your level of satisfaction with our clinic and its staff by leaving a reply below.

130 thoughts on “Patient Satisfaction

  1. I really like the injections but can only afford to do them once a month, Do you offer any promotions throughout the year? After a month I lost 7lbs which is a lil under what I had intended but I slacked off a lil, now onto a better month! Everyone is great but I think you should hire a few more people, seems to be very busy n hard to get in!

  2. I am very impressed with the practice, the staff ingeneral is very helpful and friendly. I would recommend this practice because the method they perscribed for me is the only one I have tried that worked and is still working form me to this day.

    1. Sometimes we fail to properly anticipate the impact walk in patients have on our schedule and we are working on resolving those issues. The simple answer would be to not accept walk ins but we want to maintain flexibility for our patients.

  3. I love that your staff takes the time to talk with me about progress, frustrations and options. They are always so nice and don’t make me feel rushed and on that the answer to my questions are not rehearsed on something they have to repeat 10 times a day. You have the best staff!

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