How It Works

Our Three Point “Better Health” Program Gets Results

FIRST, our staff will help you make small changes in your nutritional habits. Contrary to most diets, new research shows that when you eat is more important than what you eat. Controlling changes in blood sugar levels not only control weight, but also control hunger and energy. Learning some of our simple changes will allow you to easily maintain your healthy weight for the rest of your life.

Moms have a particularly hard time. Usually shifting the nutritional habits of a mom requires a shift for the whole family. That is why special food only programs usually don’t produce long lasting weight loss. Mom usually eats with the family, and the family usually does not respond well to new food. Your family can eat their favorite foods and maintain a healthy weight.

SECOND, we use an FDA approved appetite suppressant to reduce your appetite. This is real secret to weight loss. Very few can successfully lose weight without controlling hunger. This well established prescription medicine will reduce your cravings so you can truly lose weight without hunger. You will eat less and start losing weight sooner.

This is the most important part of your program and will open a window of change as we work towards long-term success.

THIRD, we show you how to add healthy, easy, and effective exercise to your lifestyle. You can lose weight without it, but improved fitness can accelerate your weight loss, significantly improve you lifestyle, and benefit your long term health. Our BL Fitness Program is an eight week program designed to help you develop the fitness habits which will last a lifetime. In just eight classes, start losing more weight, build a stronger core, and start feeling better without machines or TV gizmos. In just eight weekly classes, our Weight Loss Trainer will help you develop your own personal fitness program.

What We Believe In…

  • Provide Quality Family Healthcare
    Better Life Medical Weight Loss™ has been designed to deliver quality weight loss healthcare at an affordable price. Our programs have been developed to help families to live healthier, happier lives. We believe families are the foundation of America and a healthy family is a happier family who can help build better communities.
  • Be Effective
    Every year Americans spend billions of dollars on “diet food” from food manufacturing companies posing as weight loss services. Some of their customers lose weight which almost always returns when they again eat normal food. The TV is loaded with diet gimmicks, most of which do not help at all. With the soaring number of overweight youths nationally, we believe American families need effective healthcare and healthy weight guidance. We have developed our programs to be simple and effective.
  • Be Affordable
    We understand the pressures on families today. Even we are shocked at “weight loss” businesses that charge hundreds of dollars each month and use emotions to seal the deal. We understand that we can help more families with affordable pricing. So that is what we do.

Easy, Affordable, and It Works!

Better Life Medical Weight Loss™ has developed an affordable physician supervised path to long-term weight loss success.

Weight loss is not easy. We know. Chances are that you have tried the food programs, tried to exercise more and have not had long-term success. There are strong biological reasons why those programs are rarely successful. Change is required and change is not easy. Most diet plans require quick, significant lifestyle changes and that’s why they usually fail.

Our program is different. Better Life is a physician-directed clinic program that offers strategies unavailable to non-physician diet plans. Our programs are based on science and current research into weight management. We can show you how to make small steps toward long term changes and obtain lasting results that start to happen quickly.

Better Life is a
Medical Clinic specializing in weight loss

We Believe in Healthy Families