What To Expect

On your first visit you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable medical staff. You will be asked to complete our initial medical forms. This begins the basic medical review.

Our medical team will then proceed with assessing your basic medical information to begin a baseline to track your improvements. We will check your blood pressure, pulse rate, height, weight, and Body Composition along with other information.

We will do a blood draw for a blood analysis and, if determined as necessary, an EKG . You will then meet with one of our care providers to discuss your path for long term success based on your background, physical exam and personal goals. They will work with you on developing your nutritional and fitness plans and help you begin down your path to long term success.

Your first appointment will take about one hour. Completing registration forms in advance (we will email you a link) will shorten the process. When you leave, you will have charted information on test results, prescription medication in hand (no special trip to the pharmacy), and any optional food supplements (shakes, smoothies, protein bars).

Follow up visits can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the program you select, and will be similar to your first (no blood draw). Expect to spend approximately 30 minutes. Your medical information will be updated and charted. Your progress will be reviewed and your program will be updated as needed. You will again receive you prescription medication (monthly). Our focus will be to help you obtain long term success in your weight loss program while minimizing the impact on our schedule.

You should expect to start feeling better and begin to experience a higher quality of life after your weight loss. You could see lower blood pressure, less fatigue, more energy, and lower cholesterol levels.